Where are dating network

Where are dating network
 The information age demands new rules, even for one's personal life. Internet revealed to us the world: we are introduced to people living on the other side of the world. Sometimes these dating taper off, sometimes - change the fate ...

Causes of virtual dating, like real, may be the desire to make new friends, family, find a companion for cycling or traveling abroad to meet his great love or ideal sexual partner. Why do people today often start dating online, but not in public places? It is obvious that the internet provides more opportunities for this: it is here where you can chat in English with the British, to discuss the lack of appetite in your cat on the forum "feline" site and flirting with a couple of guys just half an hour. Dating online - a quick meal, although the feelings and experiences about this very real communication.

Communication may come to nothing, when there is no proper feeding: in the interest of interlocutors to each other. Just like in real life, and even easier, because people in the network may simply disappear or be off-line for unwanted correspondent. But often virtual acquaintances become the plane of reality, because people still tend to communicate directly, never cease to be appreciated hugging, shaking hands, walks together, playing music, etc. While many servers offer a variety of activities in the network ("drinking buddies", for example, drink in the company's online, social media people "hanging" clock), it is impossible to leave the plane in a virtual communication.

If you intentionally getting started on the Internet, you should choose interest groups, dating sites or forums sootvetstvyuschie. Pros of Me: are you supposed to know the purpose of people posting on this site, you can evaluate their intellectual and cultural level, reading their posts, often lined with photos, you can sort of potential friends in the community, interests, age. Alas, as in life, online dating is often associated with deception, as the interlocutor can hide their real intentions, data and appearance, it is possible to calculate, socialize or meet him. Most likely, you will meet with harsh and rude people. In this case, we must remember that this is just a virtual acquaintance, you do not owe anything to this correspondent and continue bickering.

Dating on the Internet opened a new era: many happy couples owe their meeting is the global network. It has made the world more open. But this is only a means to discover, not a replacement for a real relationship. If you feel that you do not want to lose the one person who hang out for hours every day, try as soon as possible to realize a real meeting, because only she can show whether your feelings are real or is it just a grand illusion of the internet to create phantom connections between people .

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