What to expect from a man in bed?

What to expect from a man in bed?
 What can you expect from a man in bed? They are all different, with their habits, sexual fantasies, emotions and feelings. Who among them tenderly whispers in your ear, someone takes a condescending affection partner, someone foul language, and some do not even removes socks. ... It is worth it to find a sex object, whose individual features are nice, but way to love will be delivered pleasure.

There is a type of men who are always and for everything are very suspicious. They are usually quiet and reserved personality. That is how they will conduct themselves in bed. When such an individual would be you undress, his hands may tremble, and her eyes filled with desire meanwhile. This man as soon as possible to the most important sexual dish. With this one can not be compressed, no need to hesitate, in any case can not make fun of habit or behavior of the partner.

Beautiful and narcissistic men are rarely a good lover. Once such an encounter, run away from him. Narcissistic personality will not be able to deliver the pleasure a woman, they think more about themselves. Since you were in bed with this type, you think of yourself, let him enjoy the contemplation of his own beautiful body, but do forget about its existence and concentrate on his feelings.

Emotional man - a real godsend for women! This type of partner is passionate about the process, it is their positive feelings and is able to infect a woman, because he is engaged in sex as if it is happening in his last time in his life. This person will not hold back, scaring the neighbors moans and cries. This is the sexual partner is capable of much to teach a woman, he is not subject to any pattern of behavior in bed.

The worst lovers, oddly enough, says the businessman. They are so passionate about transactions, financial management and reporting, and that sex with them like a kind of a deal with a business partner. Of them do not expect sex games and fantasies, all actions of partners like painted under the scheme: the prelude, sexual intercourse and sleeping.

The bad guys. How can love a girl fall in love with it at the bad guys! And it was not in vain. Such men from my school have learned Yard science of love, their experience and the lack of shyness can give a lot of sensual woman. Sex with a bad guy becomes unpredictable, passionate, full of feelings and emotions!

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