Virtual love: a girl who lives in a network

Virtual love: a girl who lives in a network
 The only feeling that wants to test everyone without exception - is love. You can not love jokes, avoid pride, but to love one seeks. And in the end, the love of the loved one - the most important thing that can happen in life. You can find it anywhere: in the park, a nightclub, a cinema. One of the most popular ways to find a close soul - dating online.

Girls - the most active users of virtual dating sites. Approached on the street to get noticed a young man hard, but "wink" or put a plus sign under the photo on the social network much easier. The only risk - is the likelihood that the photo does not Vasya Petrov, and any actor.

Even Bill Gates told the story of how he "met" with a woman on the internet. They even "went to the cinema" - took tickets at the same time on one film, while at the same time in different cities. On the way to the cinema talking on the phone, also called up after the movie and discuss the movie. Now this kind of relationship is no surprise.

Yet most people Exciting novels WAN hope to embody it in reality. But is it possible to experience love, being familiar with the man only through the monitor screen? Unlikely. Communication in the network creates the illusion of relations. You can talk, laugh with each other, to dedicate a song to his "beloved" and even give virtual gifts. But it's just a virtual communication.

Perhaps someone thinks that communicated and "fell in love" man on the Internet, he will be able to meet him in real life and start a family. We will not argue, it is possible. But this is the exception rather than the rule. Firstly, the relationship in the network does not guarantee you peace of mind at the meeting. You'll also worried, as if a man does not know. It's one thing photos and even Skype, and quite another - live communication. But secondly, there is a risk to give up on your "beloved."

Of course, you can not argue with the fact that the Internet can help you find a congenial person. Just try not to take it too seriously. It's just a chance to find love, expanding vastness of reality. But also upset if that chance will fail - not worth it. Love will find you, if you will contribute to this.

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