The 10 Commandments of virtual sex

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 With the advent of modern technology and the Internet human communication gradually turned into a virtual environment, and today most people communicate with each other not only in reality but also on the Internet. This trend has not bypassed and sexual relations - despite the fact that sex is important bodily component, virtual sex is becoming more popular and gaining more and more fans. In virtual sex there is a certain etiquette, and every person who decides to such entertainment, should perform a few simple rules.

The first commandment - never reveal your real name, as well as information about where you live, work or study. Virtual relationships should remain virtual - that is the rule. It will provide security for both partners, as well as help them to be liberated, as in fact they are anonymous to each other. It is not necessary to report the virtual partner generally any information about his real life - you can not give the other party, even the slightest opportunity to recognize you in real life.

With the advent of webcams cyber-sex often enters the chat when both people can see each other. In this case, to ensure the confidentiality necessary to make the light dimmed, and then make sure that the video does not get any items in the room, revealing some information about their owners. Occasionally virtual reality can turn into a real - if the person has persuaded you to meet him in real life, just in case it is necessary to consider an exit strategy.

The advantage of virtual sex that at any time one of the interlocutors can turn off your computer or exit the chat, if some elements required virtual partner, he does not like, or if his hand felt psychological pressure or disrespect.

In order to become a virtual sex with what he should do - a simple way to have fun, you need to create a romantic atmosphere around him, which is needed in ordinary real sex. Lit oil burner, soft music and candles will set any person in the desired fashion. Partner should choose carefully and biased, and in the case of using the webcam should also take care of their appearance - for example, on a neat hairstyle, make-up and sexy lingerie.

Do not forget about the partner, despite the fact that he is away from you - from time to time pay attention to it. Finally, good manners in virtual sex is gratitude. Before you say goodbye, both partners should thank each other.

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