Taboo 6 taboo on the first date

Taboo 6 taboo on the first date
 On the first date is very important to make a good impression, because it was from him will depend on the couple's relationship further. Moreover, efforts should make both partners, so the girls do not be like the entire burden of responsibility on the man. In the end, it should also be able to enjoy.
 Talk about his personal life

What is on the first date do not need to do is to talk about his personal life and in particular the relationship with former partners. It is not necessary to tell new fans about how bad was your old man. If the man himself raised the issue, it is worth briefly to answer his questions and gradually translate the conversation in another direction. If you start to talk too much about your ex, the young man will understand that you most interested in other partners than he.

Altercation - later

On the first date you should try to minimize the risk of conflict. Avoid unpleasant or too controversial issues, discussion of which may lead to a quarrel. Otherwise you risk to destroy the relationship is just beginning.

Disregard and disrespect

A man must feel that he is interested in you. Perhaps he so worried, watching your every gesture, trying to determine if all he does is true. If you start to interrupt, will clearly demonstrate the boredom, all evening communicate via SMS to someone else or chatting on the phone, first date may be the last.

Plans for the future

Do not talk about your future relationship, because you do not know what the outcome of the first date, and what it will. Your stories about how you will meet on where to go, when it becomes live together and so on. Can scare a man.

Drunken scandals

As much as you may worried, try not to drink alcohol. Perhaps a man wish to buy you a champagne or wine, but you have to drink quite a bit. This is especially important for girls who get drunk quickly and cease to control themselves.

Selfishness on the first date

Some inexperienced girls feel like if they constantly talk about themselves and require a lot of men, then won his heart. In fact, those who are willing to talk only about themselves and do not pay enough attention to the partner, have little chance to make a favorable impression. By the way, do not count on the fact that the man will pay for you, because a lot can happen. Bring a money: at best they are simply not useful.

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