Secrets of Modern Kama Sutra

Secrets of Modern Kama Sutra
 Everything is new - it is known to be well-forgotten old. Sometimes we barely remember the events of the previous day, so that to remember the content of the ancient Indian treatise, not out of the question. And for good reason. After all, the bike is already coined, and all that today we can vytvorit in the bedroom is most likely described and shown in the pictures "Kama Sutra".

In this famous text philosopher and scientist Vatsyayana 64 chapters. The first 5 introductory and concluding chapters 6 are devoted to love in general and how to fascinate others. The main content of the treatise more specific. 9 chapters are dedicated to looking after the girls and wedding rituals in 8 chapters the author gives advice on seduction of his wife, and in the next 10 - seduction by other men's wives. 9 chapters tell all about courtesans. And finally the most famous part of the "Kama Sutra" - a favorite all pictures that showcase all conceivable ways of loving connection. In this part analyzes and kissing and foreplay and sexual positions, and oral sex, and even a love triangle. By the way, in such a triangle as a third party is permitted only woman.

So, we can assume that the bike - a great allegory for the treatise. But we must remember that on the basis of mankind has invented a bike motorcycles and scooters. And if you want a bike can be transformed, for example, in tandem. "Kama Sutra" was written in III, and perhaps in the IV century AD, and since then has happened already so many. The world has changed sex, so much so that it seems it's time to do a remix of the famous treatise. Modern text would include a lot of new chapters, instructions and secrets, and pictures to a new version of "Kama Sutra" is not confined to the image of sexual positions.

Today's couples are invited to bed not only the "mistress of her husband." Often lady enjoying the attention of two men. These experiments clearly requires a completely different picture than offering "Kamasutra". Popular was swinging, and it's not just seduction "strange woman", but also seduction of another husband. Orgy involving several (or many) partners are also not an impossible fantasy today. Besides innocent kissing and oral sex, foreplay decorated with modern sophisticated sex toys the most mind-blowing molds. Most likely would not have enough Vatsyayane his teachings and philosophy to correctly identify the destination of all the wonders of the modern sex-shop. A book on the shelves of supermarkets flaunt brochures promising titles "Kamasutra for the blue" and "Kama Sutra for lesbian."

Progress, neither technical nor sexy, does not stand still. The world is changing, mankind explores the universe and their own capabilities. Secrets that hides a modern bedroom, different from the ancient secrets opochivalen. Yet it is worth remembering that the "old friend is better than two new ones," and before exercise in flight erotic thoughts, go to the Indian text and you will find there something useful.

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