Narcissistic selfish in bed

Narcissistic selfish in bed
 If a man in bed is not interested in anything other than their own satisfaction, not paying attention to the feelings of women who do not think about her needs - how can you call a partner? Bed rest selfish - that is the right name for this type of men, who, alas, is not uncommon.

Learn narcissistic egoist in bed is not difficult: a man does not ask what position you prefer. He is sure that you reach orgasm from only one of its kind, and that he has no equal. Do I have to endure next to him a man becoming a toy to satisfy his sexual desires? The answer can be only one - no, it is not necessary.

Remember that the female orgasm is always harder than men. And if your man will think only about yourself, you run the risk of never experience a pleasure. Do not keep silent, the man says that you need. Intimacy - it's not just the physical contact of two bodies. Man or woman must understand to try to understand it.

Every man wants to be seen as a perfect lover. Egoists are no exception - so take advantage of this. Play to his selfishness, encourage the bring you pleasure - let it feel like a real macho. A method is simple - it is necessary to praise a man for what he gives you pleasure. So it will be easier to understand what you need and get it to praise make new feats.

Many women imitate orgasm - it's wrong. This way you do from a simple selfish egoist class.

If you got a man, which is not change, do not despair. Stand on your - no one can take away from you the joy of orgasm and the right affection and respect. You are not a toy, not a mechanism for male pleasure, and a woman.

If your efforts do not help and reach out to men it is impossible, think - why you such a partner? He thinks only of himself, how can he be a husband and father? A couple of years you will begin to feel an aversion to sex, and the man would be selfish to annoy you. And by the way, you do not need them problems such as frigidity or inflammation of the ovaries - and they are often the cause of sexual dissatisfaction.

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