Men and erotic

Men and erotic
 Everyone refers to erotica in different ways. Women and men perceive erotic scenes are absolutely different. For men, erotic fantasies to bring food, makes it easier to get aroused and get pleasure.

That men are more loyal, if not, it is a positive attitude towards the erotic. The problem of misunderstanding between men and women lies in the fact that the sex scenes, and sexual fantasies are perceived differently. So, for the most part women fantasize about something that in real life can not be, and the more they do not wish to implement these fantasies into reality. In addition, the ladies often do not want to share their thoughts with a partner, are ashamed to talk about it, and shy erotic scenes in the movies.

Men, by contrast, fantasize about what they would like to put into practice if the woman agrees. On the question of what a partner wants to try it, we will know that it attracts sophisticated sexual techniques, posture, seen in films, elements of BDSM and stuff that may not particularly like partner. Erotic scenes bring them aesthetic and physical pleasure.

Women's perception of sex scenes and fantasies largely inhibits the development of sex couple. With proper and perseverance, but careful and caring for the lady, a man can help open your favorite, and then their relationship can go to a whole new level.

Convince your soulmate that erotic - it's not something shameful and helpful and pleasant. It is through dialogue can find common ground and become much closer to each other. However, do not do anything against the wishes of the partner, so as not to cause psychological trauma and a notorious favorite.

Erotica for men is of particular importance, remember this and do not resist his natural desire to comprehend new horizons in love. Desire for mutual understanding will help achieve harmony, both in emotional and physical component of relationships.

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