Jealousy men: whether to fight it?

Jealousy men: whether to fight it?
 Jealous - it means love. This statement is very common and is kind of humorous reaction to the jealousy of men. But a woman who regularly suffers from painful feelings of her husband, certainly not joking. In this situation, you need to act.
 In fairness it should be noted that you can not always blame the man that he was jealous. How Come? The fact there are at least two reasons.

Firstly, there is the type of women that need to be jealous. For others, they may look like victims, but in fact they are specifically provoke a man to jealousy. This pattern of behavior suggests that women do not get enough attention, or she is convinced that the relationship should always be strained to the limit, but maybe she just grew up in a family where jealousy was in order.

Second, a certain group of women silently suffer attacks jealous men. It is clear that if the stronger sex gets used to it and does not consider his behavior is wrong, degrading and overwhelming.

And if we talk about men, they are jealous, mainly because of low self-esteem, internal systems and to assert itself. Some men are jealous only in his early years, while others each year more and more adequately respond to the usual stuff and literally harassing his wife jealousy.

Therefore, starting from these reasons, it is necessary to develop a specific course of action to mitigate the situation. In the first case, a woman needs to honestly analyze why she likes her husband's jealousy. Maybe worth looking for the thrill of something a friend or seek the attention of her husband in a different way. If it are satisfied, then it is fair to admit it to others. Agree that if the husband is considered jealous villain, and you have everything in order, then it is wrong.

In the second situation, a woman needs to learn to calm and friendly to talk to her husband about what she feels when he is jealous of her. But if you were silent for several years, and then expect him to understand you right away is not necessary - it will take time for this.

When a man jealous, you should pay attention to it before marriage. Indeed, the likelihood that he will change, not very large - the older man, the harder it is to make adjustments to his character and behavior. And if you're already married to a desperate jealous, then his part not to give. Although, if a man is so hot that it can threaten your health or life, you should think about how to be reasonably close to him.

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