Internet dating: where, how and with whom to meet friends online

Internet dating: where, how and with whom to meet friends online
 Until relatively recently, the Internet was considered exotic, but now without him is hard to imagine life. A world network of truly limitless. With it you can make new friends, find friends with the same interests, like-minded, even arrange their personal lives, finding a partner.
 First select, using a website to make acquaintance. For example, if you are only interested in a serious relationship, with the prospect of starting a family, you should pay attention to the site There's a large number of participants who can communicate in text mode and in camera mode. Administration of this site shall take all necessary measures to protect against spam and scams on sifting and marriage scams. Including by requesting SMS messages to make sure the reality of a particular user.

Or, for example, This is an old, reliable website, created in 2005. The number of registered users is nearly 12 million people! On the site, there are many sections for communication.

Of course, there are many similar sites. Suppose you have decided exactly where you want to start dating. How to behave properly, to motivate rather than scare off a potential partner?

Remember: it is necessary to be as honest and forthright. If you fill in the form ascribe yourself a lot of non-existent virtues, achievements, or if you lay out the most successful photo processed using Photoshop, you should not be surprised and indignant, if after a date you will be treated as a braggart and a deceiver. Be yourself, remembering that there is no ideal people.

In conversation, try to avoid hackneyed, stereotyped phrases. A bit of originality, humor and has never harms no one. And your potential partner is interested, intrigued and will certainly want to know you better.

Remember the rules of etiquette. Stay away from the notorious Albany language, and even more so from vulgarity, obscene language. Try immediately impress serious, cultured man.

Do not forget the wise rule: "A kind word and a cat is nice." Be interested in the affairs of a partner in correspondence praise for success, achievement, congratulates, express sympathy and offer all possible assistance, if he had a trouble. If you talk to a girl - remember the miraculous power of compliments!

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