How to keep a married man

How to keep a married man
 At all times, the mistress called stigma and women were considered second-class citizens. But if you fall in love with a married man and a blind eye to the moral aspect of the relationship, then someone else's opinion is unlikely you are interested in. Therefore, do your best to not run away from loved you as soon subside first passion.
 Surprise man

Do you have a huge advantage over legitimate wife - a man in love with you, and their feelings become a habit and affection. Therefore flexing its best quality. Family life and monotony wearied man and he's looking for new emotions. But if you want to keep a loved one for a long time, apart from the mind-numbing sex need to hit him a delicious dinner and order in the house. This will show that you can be not only a lover but also a wonderful wife.

Do not reproach

Never skandalte lover. This is enough for him at home. Understand that if a man is unfaithful to his wife, the relationships are not going smoothly. You must make up your loved what he lacks in the family. Therefore, do not be like a tortured life of a woman and always brings to life the beloved only joy.

Do not be jealous

How would you not angry that favorite goes home - never torment him with her jealousy. Understand that he is unfaithful to his wife with you, not vice versa. You have no right to put any demands and even more jealous. It is better to use the time spent apart for maximum benefit - improve, to do some interesting things, meet with you nice people. All this will help pass the time without a loved one and make you more attractive to him. Overprotection tires, so do not focus their attention only to the lover.

Keep yourself in good shape

As much as possible to care for themselves, do not skimp on new things. Your beloved spouse, especially if the marriage has lasted for many years, has lost appeal for him. Therefore, use this omission and let his wife enjoy your favorite beauty and freshness.

Do not be stingy with compliments

Often praise a man. Make it so that it is close to you feel like a real man. Show him that you only with him safely and securely. With delight accept gifts, even the most insignificant. Seeing your joy, a man tries as much as possible to please and all this will raise his self-esteem. Only for this he will carry you on their hands. Anyone want to feel exceptional.

Do not put ultimatums

Do not force a man to choose between you and your wife. In any case, you should not do if you are not sure that it will stay with you. Most likely after this ultimatum you ever lost a loved one. Whatever the strong his passion for you, with the wife of his associates much more. Understand that a man hard to give up the familiar life, especially if there are children in the family. And do think twice, I want you to stay there for life with this man. Maybe it's just love and do not have to destroy it for the sake of someone else's family.

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