How to behave on a candy buketny stage relationship

How to behave on a candy buketny stage relationship
 Romantic period relations can be very short-lived, in the event that a woman from the beginning shows that serious. Men being freedom. Any hint that the new friend is planning long-term relationship, can cause fear of losing freedom, and for this fear of a desire to escape from it, at breakneck speed.  
 The first week

 An indication that the man is set to continue your relationship is to plan your next meeting. Perhaps at the end of the first date, he offered to go somewhere a couple of days. It may also be that he will schedule your next appointment for a few days. At this time, the main thing is not to rush things and not take the initiative in their own hands. Let him decide how to surprise you.


 You exchanged phone numbers. Gently said goodbye after the first date. He called an hour later to find out how you got to the house. And that was it. The man does not write, do not call and do not makes itself felt. This behavior can only talk about one thing: he does not want to continue. You can congratulate you once again free. To call a man to ask his plans, it is desirable only after two or three of your visits. Try to be unobtrusive, do not fill up his messages or download a long conversation.


 Familiarity with his friends is a very important moment in the development of your relationship. Sure your man knows them more than a year and listen to the proven partners. Your job is to enjoy them. The main thing is not to go too far in this desire, or your friend will think that you are trying to flirt.


 The fact that he wanted to introduce you to the family, says a lot. Now everything is in your hands. Sympathy from his loved ones would be the undisputed ace in your sleeve. Win this sympathy is quite simple, if you will sincerely praise that is dear to his household. Praise delicious salad of his mother, surprised repair that dad did with his own hands, play dolls with his younger sister. Reciprocal sympathy will not have to wait long.

No matter how developed your relationship with a young man, it is better not to build a long-term joint plans. This will help avoid disappointment if they do not come true. Live for today, but what will happen tomorrow, leave tomorrow.

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