How to attract a lover

How to attract a lover
 Love - one of the most mysterious feelings. Sometimes it makes people wonders: is fundamentally changing the way of life and thinking, habits and preferences. Sometimes, because of the uncertainty, pride, love remains untold words unrequited (destroyed). But things could be different. Just need time to hint, nudge, draw a loved one. And maybe he will stay with you forever.
 To attract the attention of a loved one, it is important, first of all, looking good: well-groomed body, beautifully coiffed hair, tasteful clothes. Indeed, for the first time dating people pay attention to appearance. And then, when the relationship begins to take shape, the fore inner qualities.

Always be friendly, smile more often. So you come across as a cheerful man who wants to be pulled. If you are in the same company, unobtrusively show their interest, coyly flirting. Try to find out what a loved one is interested in. Show him that this occupation you do not care. Common interests brings people together.

Supporters of oriental culture recommend to attract a loved one to meditate. To do this, turn the pleasant melody, lie down, close your eyes, relax and imagine his joyful and happy. Mentally giving your love, surround it with care and affection. Do not be afraid to say all my thoughts out loud. It is believed that at this point all the loved one feels it. He begins to show sympathy to you. In this case, take the first step towards your relationship.

Involve your loved one should not only at the beginning of your meeting, but after a long lasting relationship. Love is often compared to a fire in the hearth, to maintain which should always enclose the wood. In marriage the fire of love must be supported by joint efforts of both sides. It is important not to lose the quality and the charm that attracted your mate in the beginning of a relationship.

Do not let the home to eat you. Periodically made to the novelty, do not be afraid to spoil a loved one gifts and surprises. As often as possible with a rest outside the walls of your home.

To attract the attention of a loved one remain always sexy. Do not be afraid to experiment in intimate relationships within your common desires. Never impose partner what he wants to do. Just try to awaken in him a desire to do so. Woman sometimes enough to do this, simply put on a seductive lingerie.

Try to constantly talk to your loved one about your problems and desires. Delicate hint that you're not comfortable in your relationship. Learn to negotiate with each other. And then the lover of interest to you will not dry up.

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