Heels and henpecked

Heels and henpecked
 "He's under her heel" - so usually say with conviction about the infirm, passive man who throughout dutifully agrees with his wife or mistress. But we know many cases when just behave strong, energetic man, a born leader, managers of large organizations.
 In life anything can happen. For example, a man really flabby, quiet, pronounced slave. He can be a wonderful, worthy man, but wait for the initiative from him useless. Therefore, the wife, even if she marrying, do not even think about the role of leader, willy-nilly, to take all matters into their own hands. What should I buy from food or clothing, whether to do repairs in the apartment, and what kind, whether to go to a movie or a play, when and where to go on vacation. So slowly she gets used to command.

To avoid this situation, the husband should remember that he still belongs to the strong floor and must be supported and protected his wife, and not vice versa. Where better understands his wife, even if it continues to play a leading role, and in those matters which from time immemorial have been a male prerogative (for example, if we are talking about the same repair), the initiative should take the husband.

It also happens that a woman is by nature too energetic, powerful, to the point of arrogance. She believes that men are much better versed in everything, so in any case, insists on its solutions. And every attempt to have his own partner meets or scandal, or tears, recriminations. Loving man in such a situation starts to feel guilty, inferior to her. And the woman after some time finally "gets on his neck."

A man needs to clearly see the boundary beyond which you can not retreat. Love and indulgence does not mean that we should indulge in everything, always make concessions. If a man is adamant in its own right, it is necessary to stand your ground, even if a woman scandal sheds tears, complaining. Do not pay attention. Once she realizes that her demonstrative suffering does not bring the expected result, things quickly changed.

The worst case - when the desire of women to command, always and everywhere to impose their case is due to a mental disorder. There can only help timely qualified medical assistance.

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