First date. Typical errors on both sides

First date. Typical errors on both sides
 Many men and women on the first date allowed such mistakes, which eventually formed in the mind of the opposite sex is not quite a nice way of chosen one (darling). What are these common mistakes on the first date and how to avoid them?

What mistakes on the first date make the man?

Banality. Forget about banal date! It is not necessary to conduct the lady in the movie, there is very noisy, and the film is distracted by all the attention. Yes, and there is no restaurant - there will be keen companion food, not that you'll tell her. On the first date to come up with a program that would have made it possible to have a heart, but at the same time, the venue should be romantic.

Untidiness or casual look. Be sure to be gallant and look at 100%. Clothing should be clean and shoes - scrubbing. In no case should not wear your favorite shirt worn, even if it feels like a macho man - woman "Defamation" can not appreciate!

Excessive modesty, silence. It was a man on a first date should take the initiative, to start a conversation should be to him. But all the talk about themselves does not necessarily - let a woman or think out dofantaziruet image elect.

Promiscuity, excessive emancipation. You should not overspend, better to be oneself, to show a genuine interest in companion, no one to call and write SMS messages.

And what are the mistakes committed by women on a first date?

Unnaturalness. No need to be masked under a thick layer of makeup, pour over polpuzyrka luxury toilet water and put on his most sexy. Natural or natural beauty better tinsel!

Talkativeness. Women on a first date should not be a lot of talking and inquire boyfriend about his past experiences, income and sexual fantasies. Also, do not at the same time insist on an answer or ask about when their next meeting will be held.

Availability. On the first date is still worth refuse a man in the intimacy, because a woman should be a mystery to the elect, so they should at least its behavior in bed after the first meeting will be a mystery.

Hasty conclusions. In no case should not draw hasty conclusions about the man, even if his conduct, acts on the first date did not meet the expectations of women. Should be given the chance to elect, to try to talk with him. But do not try to be the most overly pretentious or, conversely, modest! And then your first date can be called perfect.

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