Sex on the first date: what to do?

Sex on the first date: what to do?
 It often happens that after seeing each other on a first date, people have such a strong attraction that instantly turn in bed. There are many opinions about sex on the first date: whether to take that risk in order to satisfy immediate desires or still need to be inaccessible prize for a partner?

Traditionally, opinions about sex on the first date are divided into male and female. And, as a rule, most men do not hesitate to answer this question in the affirmative. However, if you then ask the man if he was ready to build a family with a girl, was in his bed on the first day of our acquaintance, most of them answered in the negative. Their logic is that if she agreed to have sex with me on the first date, then the other men she can do the same.

Most people, both men and women have a lot of complexes and quite unsure of yourself, which is why they will not be considered such as a permanent partner. Of course, this rule there are lots of beautiful and pleasant exceptions, have families, many years living in monogamous marriage after having sex on the first date. However, it is rather the very same exceptions that prove the rule.

Opinion of the majority of women in this regard is clear: "There is no place sex on the first date." In this age of men, especially more or less wealthy, have become quite spoiled female attention. Quite often, the girls find themselves in their bed on the first night, do not get anything - neither materially or spiritually. On material gifts and expensive courtship now expects most of the girls. Therefore, the logic is simple: the later you satisfy a man physically, the more material gifts you get.

Psychologists say that women who give on a first date, it is not self-confident. Perhaps these injuries occur because of improper upbringing and interaction with the girl's father. Most often suffer from this "nedolyublennosti" daughter. Subconsciously they believe are not good enough to just be interested in a man, not before going to bed with him, and with the help of sex are trying to bind to a partner. Men's polygamy and the desire to learn a greater number of women can easily be explained by natural instincts.

However, despite the opinion of the majority, there is a caveat. Practice and psychology of family life show that if you need a partner, if interested in it anything other than sex, it does not matter, as soon as you have it happen, you will be together. If you need a partner, just sex, no matter how beautiful he looks after, do not build illusions, you will not be able to be together and parted, happen you have sex on the first date or the tenth.

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