Sex and the City: 4 female psycho

Sex and the City: 4 female psycho
 Four female friends, whose adventures and relationships riveting attention to the screens of millions of viewers, is a perfect combination of opposites. Each of them is so individual and not like the others, which creates a sense of the kaleidoscope, the sudden change of color, with their touching friendship tested by trials and time, which means that people of different psycho live well with each other.

Psycho good girl. As a rule, born in a quiet intellectual family, well at school and has a good behavior. Accustomed to listen to their elders, trying not to commit acts that may deserve public censure. Growing up, my soul is defenseless, dependent on the surrounding child. Favorite clothing style - romantic: light colors, ruffles, dresses and skirts love. Search it unreasonably high ideal end in nothing, but it does not lose faith and does not reduce the expected query bar. Focusing on the first impression can easily make a mistake in the assessment of the person.

Psycho seductress or a femme fatale. Has a pronounced natural sexuality and uses it, conquering men. Trample purposeful character allows it to reach the goal, while men often manipulated using their natural sexual fluids, which emphasizes tight seductive clothes. Temptress always clearly knows what she wants and how to achieve this. Characterized by realism and always calls a spade a spade, sometimes too straightforward. Temptress distinguishes special cynicism and emotional callousness. Your happiness will find when learning to trust people in general and men in particular.

Psycho workaholic. Is particularly prudence and rationality. Tends to rationally plan their entire lives, excessive exercise responsibility and discipline. Hiding in working problems from the manifestation of feelings and problems in his personal life. The clothes chooses mostly business or sporty. Seeks to hide behind faceless strict business or baggy tracksuit its attractiveness and femininity. When she reveals her feelings and stop being afraid of rejection from other people, then it will be able to find love. Its harmonious union with a man requires a satellite aimed at the family, then the balance will be installed in pairs.

Psycho romance. Characterized by a deep look at the situation and paradoxical approach to problem solving. Often complicates your life, succumbing to emotional impulses. Periods of utter loneliness replaced by short-term partners, while it tends to strong and trusting relationships. Grieved the lack of male attention. Often - a child from a dysfunctional family where the parents had a bad relationship. Not having any idea about healthy climate in the family chooses inappropriate partners, while looking for a problem in itself. Characterized by the ability to deep analysis. Finds happiness after ceases to focus on targeted search men.

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