Can one be chosen from the internet for a lifetime?

Can one be chosen from the internet for a lifetime?
 Internet has become part of many people's lives. You'll learn a lot of things and events, provides an opportunity to get rid of loneliness. Find friends with the same interests in the network is not difficult, but can one become a companion of all life?
 To each of the Internet became a man, he must comply with various parameters. You must have a common interest, appropriate characters, and it is desirable that he lived nearby - best in the same city.

Try to purposefully seek other interest in the city. Visit online dating sites, forums and groups of the city or specify a city in the search. Of course, chosen for life can be and in other cities and even other countries, but this love can be found much less frequently. The easiest way to find the right person on a dating site, as a rule, men honestly indicate the city and its interests. However, there is a growing danger: his family and financial situation, as well as age, men often embellish.

Wherever you are acquainted, in any case, familiar from the Internet is full of mysteries and secrets. Even if you talked many evenings in a row and know about each other almost everything he (and you) probably has some secrets that he preferred to keep silent. For example, a mysterious stranger can still go to school or, on the contrary, to be the father of three children. Or his muscular photo on the avatar taken from general search, but in fact it is quite thin and pale. In general, to find out if it fits you, you can only face to face.

Make an appointment easier if you have a common passion, for example come along on a fishing trip, go to the theater, skiing. More convenient to start the meeting with the general meetings - to go to yoga class or seminar. So you can look at each other and gradually start communicating. In general, for those who want to meet no obstacles, but it is better to organize the first date on neutral territory and not to invite him to his home on the same day.

Even if at first glance one of the Internet has not made a stunning impression on you and you have not experienced unearthly passion - you should not be disappointed. Remember, too, that he was you otherwise. Give him a chance, try to make friends in reality, and perhaps over time it will be for you the best husband.

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