7 reasons for jealousy

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 Jealousy is considered to be a destructive sense, destroys relationships. Among its causes are called self-doubt, many complexes and even trauma. However, almost everyone at least once in a lifetime experience uncertainty in a partner. It turns out that zeal as medicines only dangerous in large quantities. A little "pepper" not interfere with any relationship.  
 Jealousy as prevention

Jealousy for no apparent reason - an effective way to keep a loved one from adultery and themselves - from disappointment. However, do not overdo it, because excessive suspicion and constant scandals can lead to a cooling of the senses. But do not react with indifference to his flirting with a waitress or flirting with a colleague. Knowing how dangerous you are angry, the man twice (or three times) Think before you decide on the actual adultery.

Jealousy as discharge

It is known that a woman can create a scandal ... because of what you want. And jealousy - not the last occasion. Moreover, if you file a "dish" at the right sauce, a man may even be flattered. What? At least your confidence that the partner - a tasty morsel for any woman. The main thing is to avoid unflattering epithets and insults, as well as memories of past wrongs.

Jealousy as a "catalyst" passion

If your pair of "passions boil" in the literal sense of the word, you know firsthand what a magnificent sex. While understanding and patient women dress up in lacy shirts and study articles in magazines, telling about 5, 6 or even 10 ways to conquer a man in bed, you are able to awaken the passion of good quarrel. The thing is that during the scandal in the blood is thrown great amount of adrenaline, which allows for an unforgettable orgasm. And then some. But do not forget that jealousy - not the only way to drag a man in bed.

Jealousy as a sign of attention

Jealousy act as a kind of compliment. After all, despite the fact that you have been together for years, feelings are not cool. That's why you and are afraid of losing a loved one. Partner to understand your thought during showdown should avoid insults. Replace the word "goat" and all those close to him on the meaning of "male" or "animal". Psychologists say that such epithets muskulinnost stress and force guys, and hence perceived without resentment and aggression.

Jealousy as a pretext for mutual jealousy

Spouse only busy work or computer games? If your favorite is not paying attention to your attempts to awaken in him jealousy (as well as a passion), you should act in reverse. It is no secret that sudden doubt sinless partner may be caused by its own infidelity. However, in this case it is necessary to proceed with caution, otherwise good-natured homebody turn into violent Othello.

Jealousy is a sign of femininity

Stamp her foot, pout and moody voice declare that the neckline yonder appetizing blonde husband watched for a moment longer put - a truly feminine behavior. A mixture of naivety, spontaneity and directness child will make a scene of jealousy in a charming whim.

Jealousy as a proof of love

The absolute lack of jealousy can be perceived man as a sign of your indifference and lack of feelings. So do not hesitate to periodically arrange "debriefing", expressing all his suspicions partner (even if born to your imagination). Firstly, you will relieve a partner of doubt about the authenticity of your love, and secondly, do realize what an important role in your life playing this person.

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