7 mistakes in dealing with a divorced man

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 Chat with a man who recently withdrew from the neck collar family life, from the point of view of psychology, like a walk in the mined field - all can break up at the slightest misstep.
 Error №1: «Climb into the soul"

If you decide to ask the question "Why are you divorced? "Be prepared for the fact that a man or shut up and pretend I did not hear the question, or vice versa - you have to listen to his story for quite a long time. And in the first and in the second case - it still has not gone through the trauma that caused the divorce, not adapted to the situation. An alarm - constant talk about the divorce. This indicates that the man is not yet ready for a new relationship.

What should I do to you, ask for details if you need them to friends, colleagues or relatives of men.

Error №2: «Be vest"

Psychologists say that a man after a divorce - a man with a lot of health problems, he is apt to fall into depression postrazvodnuyu. At the initial stage it needs compassion and consolation. Just do not immediately expose him "moral" shoulder. As a rule, men do not give birth to long-term relationships with women who met him after the divorce. Once you perform the function, he will forget about you or define a list of your friends.

What do you, gently explain to him that he complained about my mother, friends, etc., and for you this extra information.

Error №3: «To think that you only for him"

The reason that some divorced men changed one woman to another, there are many. For example, the need for diversity - suddenly appears more temperamental and long-legged, need to "fill in" a variety of ways a void in the heart - a meeting with one, two, three, etc.

What should I do to you, do not build illusions and take your time to go to bed with him.

Error №4: «Meet with" just "divorced"

In postrazvodny period even the most decent and good man to part with their best qualities. Only a minimum of 2 years later a man will be ready for new serious relationship. In between, he will train women to their new settings and principles.

What should I do to you, leave it alone. Wait for it to enjoy freedom. But it does not disappear, try to keep him warm and friendly relations.

Error №5: «acquire a sense of guilt"

There is a category of women who try to justify even a man with strong addictions and disadvantages. If divorced man - an alcoholic, a drug addict, a sadist, etc., do not try to convince yourself that it did so ex-wife, and you can change it.

What do you, leave attempts to "remake" the man "for themselves."

Error №6: «Hope for the perfect sexual relationship"

Sex with a "coming" and partner sex with my wife are very different from each other.

What should I do to you, do not paint a rosy picture of sex exploits with his participation. To have fun, you need at least a minimal emotional attachment of both partners.

Error №7: «put an end to it, or vice versa - to impose on him all hope"

To create a new family divorced man takes time, so do not rush it.

What do you, have patience.

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