7 major mistakes in dealing with a man

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 It would be desirable woman happy relationship with a beloved man, sometimes she makes mistakes, which are able to prevent her dreams come true. Consider the 7 most common mistakes when dealing with a man.
 What not to do when a relationship with a man:
1. Immediately show all its advantages.

When meeting with an interesting man woman tries to get his attention in all possible ways and immediately tells him about all their knowledge and skills. Do not rush to show how well you dance, cook, know by heart the sonnets of Shakespeare and great draw, because you will surprise your man all his life to maintain his interest.

2. questioned about his problems.

Unlike women man does not seek as soon as possible to share with others their misery. He prefers to think independently and solve the problem. At this time a man can go into yourself and be uncommunicative. Do not try to talk with a loved one. Let him be alone with yourself and do not blame the coldness. Once the problem is resolved, your favorite will be the same.

3. blackmail man sex.

Do not deny the man in the vicinity, even during quarrels and never put an ultimatum: "It is not to change the wallpaper, do not come near me." Do not forget that the man does not get away from you, it gets to someone else.

4. Always win the debate.

Do not try to whatever was to convince a man that he is wrong. If you have a dispute on the abstract abstract theme (for example, you discuss the political situation in Egypt), do not try to give more arguments to prove his erudition. Agree with your loved ones. Men do not like to play in the debate, especially for women.

5. Do not stay home.

Atmosphere in the house creates the woman. Not necessarily to the table every day was a 5-course dinner and sparkling clean apartment. Your task is to make the home a place where your man will be comfortable. Otherwise, your favorites will seek to spend time elsewhere.

6. Do not take care of yourself.

You have a stable relationship, you are sure to feel a man. This is not a reason to go without makeup and change the beautiful dresses on the robes. Intimacy is important, but men love the eyes. Try to look no worse than at the time when he was in love with you.

7. Shut up when offended.

Do not expect that man will understand what you are offended. Your silence will irritate and provoke cold partner in the relationship. If you do not like something in the behavior of men, calmly tell him about it.

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