5 mistakes that most couples

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 Building relationships, lovers hope for a long and happy life together. But be that as partners tried, few who can avoid five common mistakes that destroy love and harmony in the pair.
 Error №1. Unwillingness to concede

Sooner or later, most couples there are quarrels and disputes. When one side is trying to convince the other that he was right, because of the simple stubbornness may be a scandal. Evaluate whether or not the subject of dispute tranquility in your home. It might be better to give in and agree with the loved one, if we are talking about something insignificant.

Error №2. Inability to pronounce the problem

If you do not satisfied with something, do not be silent. Your partner can not read minds, and he will not guess at what you are angry. Not accumulated grievances. Better clarify a misunderstanding in every moment of its occurrence than raise a stink and recall problems before last month.

Error №3. Jealousy and control

Do not poison your life suspicions. If you secretly checking his partner's mobile phone, reading emails, scandals due to delay home for an hour, think that this you will not only annoy your loved one, but also to humiliate yourself. This tactic is not only ineffective, but also detrimental: even the most faithful partner can get tired of constant monitoring and leave.

Error №4. Lack of communication

After a day of some tend to spend the evening almost silently. If you are with someone you love only discuss domestic issues, it can become a significant threat to your relationship. Partners should be interesting to each other as individuals. Try to discuss viewed together movies or read books. Find a common passion for the topic that you wish to debate with interest.

Error №5. Routine sex

When the first gusts of passion calm down, close relations in the pair may be less interesting and desirable. To keep the fire between you, take the initiative. A woman can please a loved erotic outfits, and the man offer to try something new. Avoid sex "scheduled", be unpredictable.

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