5 mistakes in dealing with a divorced man

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 Divorce - a strong emotional shock, which deeply influences future life and human behavior. In some cases, the separation from his wife for a strong half runs extremely painful and agonizing. After the divorce, the man often becomes suspicious and self-contained. Therefore, when dealing with them must be careful, flexibility and patience.
 The main mistake that most women is the desire to fully seize the feelings and thoughts of the elect. Of course, it is quite natural desire, but do not forget that your partner has recently experienced severe psychological trauma. He takes a long time to forget old family and get ready for a new relationship. So do not ask the men all at once.

At the other extreme - excessive curiosity. Do not pester a constant favorite with questions about how his family life evolved and why it came to divorce. If a man feels the need to ease the soul, he will tell you that it sees fit. Your task - to listen carefully to it and make certain conclusions.

The man who survived a divorce often has a psychological baggage and sometimes physiological problems. However, paradoxically, do not run to him on the first call and substitute your shoulder or "vest". According to statistics, men do not create strong alliances with those women who comforted them immediately after breaking up with his wife. Wait out the worst months post-movable period and try to start a relationship when a loved one will be ready for them.

If your partner is the owner of certain bad habits and other conditions, it is not necessary to justify it in my own eyes, implying that this feedback is the ex-wife. Do not attempt to influence the negative aspects of the character and lifestyle divorced man, adjusting it for yourself. Most likely, these attempts will not bring results.

It is not necessary to impose on a divorced man of great hope. In the end, he destroyed the old family to enjoy the free life of a bachelor, and re-marriage is not part of his immediate plans. Be patient and do not in any way give up on dating other potential fans.

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