Natural Hair Combs

Natural Hair Combs
 Hair Care implies not only careful selection of shampoos and conditioners, but also selection of quality combs. After all, have to comb every day, and it is important not to cause harm to the hair and not injure them.

We comb made of artificial materials, there are many drawbacks. For example, metal combs strongly injure hair and plastic can electrify them. Therefore, more and more popular today use natural hair combs.

The most common for the manufacture of brushes and combs natural material - wood. It causes no allergic reactions and, moreover, a beneficial effect on the hair and scalp. So birch has a curative effect, and oak prevents static electricity. These combs are ideal for massage with healing oils and a variety of therapeutic agents, because the tree does not react with substances. Combs of juniper wood are perfect for a bath, because when exposed to temperatures emit useful for the body oil.

Choosing a wooden comb, you need to carefully examine her teeth. They must be well polished as a burr can damage the hair structure. In addition, these combs are in need of a thorough clean. It is necessary to regularly wash them from the accumulated sebum and dirt, as the tree very quickly become dirty.

Very soft and gentle on the hair combs have a natural (usually pork) bristles, as they do not damage the hair structure. But for very thick and long hair is not the best option, since such a brush will not be able to cope with tangled hair. But they are ideal to touch up her hair and make an easy installation.

Today in vogue combs of bone and horn. Afford them, not everyone can because of the rather high cost, and they are sold in every store. A significant advantage is the very smooth surface that prevents damage to the hair and makes combing easier, even for weak and thin hair.

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