Accessories: the art of combining

Accessories: the art of combining
 Creating a personal female image is not possible without accessories. Cleverly adding outfit interesting details, you can even in the same dress look different, drawing intrigued views of men. However, if the earrings, necklace or handbag matched correctly with the same success can "kill" even the most fashionable and expensive attire.
 When you get to the counter, which exhibited rings, chains, earrings and other nice little things, surely you breathtaking and dazzled. Jewellery should be every woman. But if the thing is gorgeous and you really want to get it in your collection, do not rush to count money. Remember how many of these items, you caught "under the hot hand," has found eternal rest in the box just because you have nothing to wear with them. Accessories should be selected under your existing outfits.

In addition, once again see whether they are suitable to your appearance. Large accessories mainly young ladies look good on the body, miniature size women should look for something smaller.

Think over your image, considering when and under what circumstances you are going to wear jewelry. In the afternoon, especially at work, fit discreet jewelry. The ceremony was unacceptable cheap costume jewelry. In the evening you can afford bright, expensive rings, earrings and so on. But it is important to be able to combine them. For example, combine a gold necklace with silver earrings - a bad tone, like massive plastic with fine openwork chain and pendant.

It is often sold as jewelry sets. Usually it earrings, bracelet and ring. But at the same time such items are not. Separate them by putting only two of the three elements of the headset in any combination.

In addition, having a colorful, shiny bracelet on his arm, you have to supplement another set of the same catchy subject - a scarf, bags, belts, necklaces, etc. But the bright parts must not be more than three.

Special attention is required "leather goods". Bags are usually selected by color and design to shoes or other accessories; they will be agreed with the proportions of the female figure and style of clothing. Gloves should approach the other "skin" or headdress with a scarf, belt - to leather goods, scarves and clothing.

Handkerchief or scarf always stand out, so it is very often at all should not be combined with other decorations, or they must be in tune.

When you combine boots, scarf and gloves should always be taken into account and the rest of his clothes, because if the scarf and gloves you clear the room, the bright, do not fit what boots are discordant with the general view. Hence, you should put them in addition something else, that the image was harmonious.

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