The history of things: a bag-bag

The history of things: a bag-bag
 "Doctor's Bag" or bag, which was once used by people working professions, today became one of the attributes of the stylish wardrobe. This bag, with the passage of time has undergone management improvements made from high quality leather and adorned with expensive finish, now bears the logos and loud at the forefront of fashion podium.  
 The bag was originally conceived as a replacement compact suitcase, ideal for day trips. Travel bag, which, unlike the bulky suitcase, could easily be stored in a small room, thanks to the single locks, no problem allowing you to quickly stow or, conversely, unpack. Her impressive amount allowed to carry in her business papers, tools, or a change of clothes.

First sacs were large bags made from scraps of old carpets and fitted with short sturdy carrying handle. At the end of the 50-ies of the nineteenth century, when people first had the opportunity to travel around the newly laid railways, the bag has become an indispensable attribute of these trips. Eventually carpeting was replaced skin, making the bag more easy and durable.

The bag is mentioned in many literary works. Anyone who has read "Mary Poppins", remembers that famous nanny pulled out of his traveling bag is not only an elegant clamshell, slippers, blanket and other necessary things a true lady, but the whole piano.

More realistically bag is described in the novel "Gone with the Wind." After the Civil War in the United States abolished slavery in the southern states, the old ruined cities of the South came from the north invaded the Yankees, buying up property for a song impoverished southerners. These people who came to light only one travel bag who did not have anything other than a passion for profit, unbearable arrogance and vulgarity, impoverished aristocrats called "carpetbaggers".

This versatile bag has previously been used by people belonging to such professions as doctor, lawyer, plumber and electrician. Over time, the doctors chose for their work a more compact form sac.

Modern people, both men and women continue to enjoy traveling bag not only to travel, but in everyday life as a substitute for the usual bag: now the bag can be worn not only in the hands, but also over his shoulder. And in his many pockets fit all the necessary stuff.

"Doctor's Bag" became the prototype bar bags that global spirits brands produce for those who want to pamper yourself on the road with a drink.

In the production of valises are often used expensive materials such as leather lizard or crocodile. Bags, having a wide range of sizes, decorated with a variety of buckles and straps. As in the past, in fashion suitcases made of textile and cloth.

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