Rules for the selection of women's belts

Rules for the selection of women's belts
 Belt - an integral part of women's wardrobe. He completes the image, brings zest to the outfit and emphasizes the waistline. But not every woman knows the rules for the selection of women's belts. But not to be mistaken in the acquisition, you need to clearly follow them.
 Modern stores offer shoppers a huge selection of belts for every taste: wide and thin, leather and fabric, smooth and wicker, lacquered and matte. It all depends on personal taste and preferences.

Selected belt should be combined with an existing wardrobe. In this case, it will fit harmoniously into the image and it will be the finishing touch.

Belts today can be combined not only with trousers or jeans. They are worn with almost any clothing: blouses, dresses, coats. Because in every woman's wardrobe must necessarily be somewhat different belts.

The most important - a classic leather belt with a small width smooth buckle. It is better to choose genuine leather strap, because artificial substitutes may soon crack, peel off the base and come into disrepair. The buckle should be firmly attached to the body belt. It should not be chipping and scherbinok.

It is also very important in the wardrobe wide belt. It can be fabric or leather, or woven smooth, classic or with embossed pattern. The main thing - that the belt does not restrict movement, was flexible, and it would be comfortable to sit. You can make two versions of a wide belt: Daily sleek and elegant, with sequins, stone, metal inserts.

Very useful and beneficial to emphasize the individuality of the image reptile skin strap and a metal chain. Leather should choose as well as the classic straps. A chain-belt carefully inspect before you buy. The links in the chain should be firmly secured, and the metal from which they are made should not peel and oxidized.

Properly selected belt perfectly hide figure flaws. Women with small bulging tummy fit wide belts with ornate buckles worn on the hips. For women with large breasts, on the contrary, wide belts would be inappropriate. They only visually weighted figure. It is better to opt for the classic thin strap. Also, a thin strap on the waist line visually stretches the silhouette, making it taller and slender. Women with heavy hips should not focus on the waist belt tightening strongly. In this case fit the straps loose, slightly drooping on her hips.

We must remember that, at the same time using a belt and accessories, jewelry should be selected oblong. They balance the cross-division figures belt.

To draw attention to the waist straps are ideal alligator or snake. They look very elegant and bright and will never go unnoticed.

With the help of the belt can hide figure flaws visible to diversify bored outfit and emphasize their own sense of style. Belts are so versatile that will suit any woman with any tastes in clothes. Only need to pick them up correctly.

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