How to tie a scarf around his neck

How to tie a scarf around his neck
 The ability to use accessories when you make your appearance borders on art. Truly, skillfully knotted handkerchief can completely transform you and add zest. There are so many ways to tie scarves, we will focus only on some of them, because you can not grasp the immensity.

First, a bit about the headscarf. As a stylish accessory that becomes a focus and collect the whole image, a handkerchief to be perfect. Wash handkerchief, either manually or on a typewriter mode "hand wash" in a special bag for delicate items. Do not wring. Ironing handkerchief should be only through a pad-steam utyuzhilnik. If the handkerchief of fine cashmere, then it must be dried uniformly straightened on a horizontal surface.

The size of a handkerchief should not be less than 80 * 80 cm, while tying his options will be many. Basically scarf knotted around his neck, in a pre-folded tape. To do this, fold it diagonally, then a right angle bent a couple of times to get the length of the tape. Or just a handkerchief folded like an accordion. But in this case will receive a short scarf.

Now, about the ways of tying a scarf around his neck.

Folded ribbon scarf hang on the neck to the ends hang freely on the chest. Then twist them 1 time (turn eight), and let down their back. There tie a knot. If the ends are long perekin'te them back again and drape over the chest neck shirt.

Fold the scarf ribbon tie in the middle node. Do not tighten much. This node is located on the neck under the chin, neck wrap the ends by returning to the site, thread through it and leave the ends free.

This method is suitable for low-cut blouses or dresses for a low-cut, or dresses corset. Fold the scarf diagonally, leaving one end is shorter than the other. Throw in front of his shoulders smaller triangle down, wrap around the neck and tie. The node must be in front. As a result, you will be covered by the neck and chest, and the back will remain relatively open.

For the following method will need a large handkerchief. Throw it on one shoulder and the ends of the tie at the waist at the opposite end from the shoulder, on which draped shawl. So usually done by women in India. And when you consider that the entire east is now very fashionable, then this method is useful to you. Under the handkerchief may be wearing a long dress one-color made of natural fabrics, and the scarf should be bright and colorful.

This method is for those who want to maximize visual chest. Take a handkerchief, folded diagonally and throw with shoulders from front to back. Tie a scarf behind. Form a beautiful folds and fasten them on the shoulder with the help of brooches.

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