A hat with a wide brim: how to choose

A hat with a wide brim: how to choose
 Wide-brimmed hats look romantic and tender. Love fashion to the elegant and feminine hats virtually unabated. Constantly there are variations on the classic theme. Hat with large fields - out of time.
 Remember that hat (or at any headgear) - an accessory that is the finishing touch to your image. Think, for some cases, you need wide-brimmed hat and a dress for her to come.

When choosing accessories look great in the mirror. You should see yourself in full view. It is important to determine the proportion. To do this properly, long hair is better to remove a headdress. Remember that wide-brimmed hats are best suited slender and petite women.

Make sure that wide-brimmed hat sits on your head comfortably. Crown should rest against the top of the crown. Pay attention to the fact that in its crown width does not exceed the width of your face.

If you have a round face, do not try to hide under a wide-brimmed hat. Try headgear slightly to one side and close only a fraction of the forehead. If you have a narrow face, hide the forehead and move the hat to the back of the head.

People with a bright face is not worth buying hats soothing pastel tones. Together with the shadow of the large fields, these shades will make a person too pale.

You do not like the way it looks on you traditional wide-brimmed hat? Yet this is no reason to opt out of hats with big fields. Perhaps hat with asymmetrical fields or with the original decor will look completely different!

Wide-brimmed hats are a very tall woman with a square type of face. Accessory with large fields "contraindicated" overweight or lower (shorter than 167 cm) the fair sex. Women with a party, a "triangle" (top down) and large eyes usually fit any hat.

Blondes not suit beige and yellow hats, it is best to purchase a wide-brimmed headgear blue, gray, black, turquoise, brown, red or green. Redheads should forget about red hats; their colors - green, gray, blue (and shades), cream and black. And brunettes can wear a wide-brimmed hats in various shades!

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