Women gloves: selection rules

Women gloves: selection rules
 Women's gloves - an accessory without which it is difficult to do in the cold season. They not only help protect the sensitive skin of the hands from exposure to wind and frost, but also complement the shape of a woman, make it elegant. Gloves should choose very carefully, paying attention to the quality of the material from which they are sewn, comfort and appearance.
 Women gloves sewn from different in texture and density of materials. The most popular are leather, suede, jersey, lycra. Winter version of the glove has a layer of insulation is usually made of wool, flannel or fur.

Leather gloves - practical and convenient option. Most believe socks products from goat skin - with proper care they will last you a few years. Gloves made of sheep skin is usually softer and better than sitting on the hand, but rather poorly heated. Therefore, this option is only suitable for warm autumn or spring.

Lycra - material for those who love to pamper themselves women. It is made from the skin of newborn lambs special dressing, so it is very flexible and soft. However, there is a lack of lycra - after wetting it is strongly deformed. And if you get into these gloves in the rain, to maintain their shape is unlikely to succeed.

Suede - the most durable material for gloves. When you select a note on the pile - it should be short, soft, like a peach skin. If suede rough and non-uniform painted on her present receding hairline - it constitutes a violation of the technology development of the material.

Convenient and practical option are knitted gloves. They can choose the color and texture to the scarf and hat, and then you will get a lovely set. For jerseys is easy to care for, they are very soft and warm, and the cost is low enough.

When purchasing be sure to check the lining of the gloves. Well, if she's a natural - this will allow air and absorb moisture. Synthetic lining often stretched and hand creates the "greenhouse effect." Look at the seams, and - an indication of a quality product. Rough and sloppy can rub the skin or raspolztis after the first wash.

Try your favorite gloves. They should be well-fitting hand without hindrance and not reap. Too big gloves also not worth taking - they will freeze your hands.

Do not choose gloves, made of many small pieces - they will last very long. A large number of decorative inserts also reduces the life of the product.

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