What smells like love: the most sensual fragrances

What smells like love: the most sensual fragrances
 To see the beauty of Leila, you need to see it through the eyes of Majnun - says the eastern wisdom. So, what is the appearance of love, people do not really know, and only subconsciously choose the ideal partner successor kind. But what about the smell of love - is there any rules and exceptions to them?
 The impact of odors on the imagination and create amazing visual images. For example, lady enjoying floral perfume with notes of pepper in the loop, the man seem more slender than priverzhenka fancy flavors. The woman smells not up to snuff. This conclusion was made by scientists in the United States after the experiments with a variety of aromatic compositions. But that's what should smell individual who endear themselves, and there is the smell of love in itself, it is difficult to say generally.

Many remember the story told by Patrick Süskind and Tom Tykwer filmed, created by perfumer of the killer quintessence, combining the most attractive smells beautiful girls, causing waves of love, adoration and admiration, regardless of age and gender. But this is - fiction.

It is also known that smells of vanilla and cinnamon - muffins - evoke the illusion of love and men have located next to the lady. But not less often remembered lines of the letter of Napoleon to Josephine, "Honey, do not wash up, I will come in two weeks ...". Even more frank erotic poetry Gavrila Derzhavin that specify smell so attractive to the author and exciting ...

Experiments German biologist Hans Gatti showed that the smell of lilies of the valley twice accelerates the movement of sperm. Creates a sensual atmosphere saturated with oil burner oils of ylang-ylang, sandalwood, rose. Consequently, floral scents, too, have the right to the title of the smell of love, no matter how skeptical evaluated this fact men.

An experiment has shown that the smell of male sweat acts as an aphrodisiac, improves mood and stimulates the production of female hormones, which increase the level usually observed before ovulation. However, in this series, there was a "but": women taking contraceptives, to "stimulus" did not respond.

Memories of love can invade when smells of budding poplar buds, fresh cut grass, brought in from the cold clothes. Recalled the strong sense of forgotten scent of shampoo or perfume, or maybe smell the leather interior car and gasoline or a wave of the sea breeze. Will all of these cases, the signal smell cause or a consequence of love, hard to say.

Anton Chekhov once said that "women smell creamy ice cream." It is known that meat-eaters smell odors vegetarians. There are notes of a French physician who writes about smells shatenok (violet) blondes (amber) and brunettes (musk fragrance or ebony) ... But it is not likely to errors in the answer to the question, what smells like love: nothing, and someone - someone you love, everyone has their own.

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