The secret power of flavors

The secret power of flavors
 Person before birth surround odors. At the birth of the baby is surrounded by a whole symphony of flavors that will surely remain in the memory of a lifetime. What is their secret power. Is it possible to learn how to correctly choose the fragrance?

The aroma is often compared with the music, and the process of his birth - with composing a piece of music. Like the notes, flavors harmoniously combine in different ways. The result is a symphony of smells fragrant. Some are inspired, others delight, others excite.

To create a composition which consists sometimes of a large number of substances, all the ingredients are mixed and allowed to ripen and rich aroma. A few months later, when this process is complete, the liquid is cooled, filtered and poured into bottles. There are flavors that contain only herbal products, and there are compositions containing products of animal origin, such as musk, ambergris. True analogues of such substances exist in the plant world.

Each scent is composed of three parts. This well-known pyramid smell. Strong-smelling, but most quickly evaporate - a top note. Most often, it is created with the help of a light floral or citrus oils.
The second component begins to be felt in a few minutes. This is - a stable heart note. For its sound prefer odors of flowers, herbs and trees. About an hour and a half appears the main note of flavor. It is very stable and practically defines his secret influence. For her, using warm woody scents and smells of other sources of nature.

By the choice of its flavor should be treated very carefully. In order to do this correctly, you should try to feel what flavor calms you and gives you strength? What perfume do you feel feminine and mysterious? Remember that men attract more such subtle flavors. The more accurate you will choose fragrance for yourself, the more likely that it will respond exactly your man.

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