The most famous in the history of women's perfume

The most famous in the history of women's perfume
 Perfumery market never experienced the crisis. The first incense began to be used more in the ancient world, and since then dandies and ladies each era tried to surround yourself with pleasant scents train. Most of these fragrances safely forgotten and gone into oblivion, but some have left an imprint on the history and popular so far.
 Chanel №5
For the first time to try on women's men's suits, prefer frills comfort and femininity, the legendary Gabrielle Chanel was one of the creators of the most famous in the world of fragrance, which has been 90 years enjoyed by women all over the world. History of the flavor is incredibly romantic. In 1921, during the tender friendship with Coco Duke Dmitri Pavlovich Romanov, Chanel asked the perfumer Ernest Beaux to create a very feminine fragrance. Chanel personally tasted a lot of the submitted samples, and then on one of these samples randomly taken sample №5, asked to add a bit of lily of the valley there and opted for it. Thus was born the immortal Chanel №5, the first in history floral fragrance, which to this day does not lose relevance.

The combination of "oriental fragrance" is firmly in the everyday life of perfumers, and now distinguish between typical oriental notes in the aroma of scented water is easy. But the first oriental fragrance, presented to the public in 1925 was "Shalimar", created by Jacques Guerlain. In the fragrance of her perfume Guerlain concluded a touching love story of Indian Shah and his concubines. Guerlain was friends with the owner of the glass-blowing factory Baccarat, who made an elegant crystal bottle. Traditional bottle was modified only in 2001 - it has become more simple and practical view.

In the midst of the Great Depression in the United States when American ladies were not confident in the future and could no longer afford the luxury dresses, fashion designer Jean Patou decided to make a gift for them. He released a perfume Joy («Joy") is perhaps the most floral of all. Rather ambiguous gift, because the price for a bottle of perfume is also off scale - for the production of flavor neskolkiz milliliters required more than 10,000 jasmine flowers and more than 300 roses. However, the aroma is saturated with hope for a brighter, richer future and really bring joy to any connoisseur of fragrances.

Jicki du Gerlain
Almost none of the fragrance has not reached to the present day of the XIX century, and the legendary Jicky - pleasant exception. In those days Emma Guerlain, creator of spirits, was in love with an Englishwoman named JICA. Unfortunately, the love was not destined to find happiness, and called the name of his beloved Guerlain his new fragrance. Unique flavor is the first time that the fragrance came to taste, and men and has long been considered universal.

Youth Dew
The name of the fragrance means "dew of youth." It was created in the 50s of XX century American Estee Lauder, which sought to give joy to use perfume not only the elite, but also just a girl who before could not afford such a luxury. In other words, this is the first budget option spirits. Graceful bottle, reminiscent of a female figure wearing a dress, does not change its appearance to this day.

"Red Moscow"
However, Soviet perfumers, too, knew how legends are born. For example, religious spirits "Red Moscow", created on the perfume factory "New Dawn". The composition of these spirits is credited with the most incredible, improbable and romantic stories, but for sure to know exactly how this has been picked bouquet, inquire now impossible. Nevertheless, the first Soviet beauties adored fragrance "Red Moscow" and some ladies prefer this perfume yet.

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