The most expressive flavors of summer

The most expressive flavors of summer
 Every summer dictates its own fashion to the smells, but the fragrance of fresh flowers, sea wind and berries are always popular. Scents of summer, of course, exciting and seductive, rich, bright and at the same time unobtrusive and light. Specially for the summer season known perfume and cosmetics brands to produce new flavors and updated the previous version is already known favorite perfume.
 The main trend of the summer - refreshing sea, juicy fruit and sparkling floral aromas that are present in most perfumes.

Summer fragrance Clinique Happy In Bloom - is fresh as a spring morning, cool, floral fragrance with subtle hints of wet frosty fragrance of flowers covered with dew.

The smell of women's perfume Antonio Banderas Blue Cool Seduction, which make up the top notes pear, lemon, freesia, heart notes - rose, peony and gardenia, and chord database - musk, patchouli and Virginian cedar, also perfect for summer.

Summer perfume Nina Ricci Dancing Ribbon. The creator of the fragrance offers colorful silk ribbons decorate all cities in the world to create a summer mood, bring the long-awaited advent of heat with its lush greenery, exuberant colors and flirty, playful disposition. Nina Ricci invites the rooftops of Paris all those who want to dance and loves to smell the summer and try on his new "outfit".

South fragrance Prada Infusion de Rose includes his composition notes mate, tangerine, beeswax, rose and mint. He captivates with its freshness and captivates with its tenderness.

Aroma Oriflame Felicity, filled with tropical sun, with amazing accuracy reflects the exotic nature of India. Transmits the individual uniqueness of fabulous palaces and gardens of this country. Due to the unique image of the earth awakens fantasy, flying thoughts transferred into her magical world.

Summer perfume Lacoste Joy of Pink - it's a bright new feminine fragrance from tennis brand, which was created under the impression of an exotic, bristling with life cocktail called Curaçao, characterized by its bright, iridescence and completeness of energy. Perfume is characterized by sparkling citrus notes, backed by smoothing musky base notes. This fragrance delightfully uplifting, captivating his easy character.

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