Sophisticated fragrance Loewe Loco

Sophisticated fragrance Loewe Loco
 Perfume house Loewe released Aire Loco, has a refined floral fragrance for women. It is designed specifically for the eccentric, passionate, mysterious and fatal ladies. Eau de toilette is available in a bright fresh and unique design of power transmission and the power of nature, awakening after the winter sweet sleep.

This composition was developed by perfumers Yves Cassar and Carlos Benaim and built on the notes of sensual bergamot, patchouli, vanilla soft, passion fruit, cardamom, cedar and red peppers, and in the heart - the aromas of rose, jasmine, yellow freesia, magnolia and orange blossom.

This fragrance is brash, outspoken, seductive and sexy, bringing a sense of joy and bliss. Getting in his affectionate embrace, I want to make this moment lasted as long as possible.

Who is she, the girl Loewe Loco? She is attractive, charming, exciting imagination, independent, daring and inaccessible. She seemed to hover above the ground, leaving his fans hope for clear glimpse of her.

Perfume Aire Loco rather strong and rich. Its main advantage is that it is suitable for day trips in the summer warm sun, and for the crazy parties on warm summer nights, after which you want to remove their shoes and barefoot plod toward the gentle dawn. Of course, not alone.

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