Red lipstick: Pros and Cons

Red lipstick: Pros and Cons
 Red lipstick can rightly be called the same brand as the evening a little black dress. It is far from suitable for all women, but her sexuality, attractiveness and inimitability always at the peak of popularity, despite the current fashion trends and modern mores.
 Red lipstick is like dark woman. Their dark skin tone perfectly in harmony with the rich color. Lips become more expressive and crisp. Absolutely, and blonde with pale white skin wear red lipstick. But not to look stupid, they set off the richness of its color natural eye makeup, elegant hairstyle and manicure manicured strict dress.

Appropriate red lipstick and mature women. Young girls who go to a party with red lips look vulgar and provocative. But ladies solid age, whose make-up present red lipstick or lip gloss, though given their consent to be admired, respected and accompanied their views. In other words, red lipstick - it is self-confidence, their sexuality and attractiveness.

Red lipstick can be a means to change its image. Natural color, which is so often promoted makeup artists, you can easily change to a bright red. If the "outline" of his white dress, a thin pin, expensive jewelry, something out of the ordinary provincial girl can turn into fatal and sexy women who do not bypass the no man.

Of the minuses red lipstick should be allocated and its outrageous. No wonder there is a perception that the rich and gaudy look only at the gala event. Daily wear red lipstick - it is a sign of bad taste. In particular, in Europe until the late 18th century it was considered unseemly to paint lipstick that color in a public place. Men respond to this gesture women too rapidly, hence the view that red lipstick are only girls of easy virtue.

According to leading make-up artists of our time, red lipstick is all. However, before you include it in the list of its makeup, you need to choose the right shade of coloring matter. One women suit fuchsia, others - pale red color, and the third - a shade of blood. The choice of colors of lipstick will depend on the color of hair, eyes, skin, caused manicure, pick up clothes and shoes in the color selected accessories and hairstyles made in advance.

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