Perfume Legends: fragrant trail of a decades-long

Perfume Legends: fragrant trail of a decades-long
 Perhaps not in the world of a girl who does not have a weakness for the capital of perfume. Fragrant news tempt us with its diversity. And we are happy to give in - a rare lady all my life does not change one flavor. Young beauties prefer a gentle smell, older ladies - bright and fatal. But through time and space sweep flavors legends relevant to any age and occasion. What smells deservedly belongs to the classic perfume?

First of all the legends perfume justly regarded Chanel № 5. Coco Chanel asked the perfumer Ernest Beaux to create a fragrance that "smells of a real woman." After several months of hard work Bo asked her to choose ten flavors and fragrance Coco chosen at number five. Chanel № 5 was created in 1921, but the composition and design of a bottle of perfume unchanged to this day. Chanel dream come true: the fragrance has become a symbol of femininity and elegance and is less popular than 90 years ago.

 In 1985, Christian Dior perfume released a masterpiece with the speaker called Poison, which translates as "poison." Dior perfume considered an integral part of the female image, completing his prime. He had a special passion to the spirits of the House of Dior Perfume creations are mostly successful, but Poison became a symbol of the 90s. Perfume bottle symbolizes the forbidden fruit - apple, Eve offered serpent-tempter. Fan of perfume loves to provoke men and not afraid to excessive attention to himself. On the contrary - it provokes it. Therefore, choose a bright, loopback fragrance with notes of raspberry and currant flavored with ambergris and coriander.

 Eighties XX opened the world's heavy musk, oriental perfumes. Within a decade, was created about 250 oriental perfumes, but only one of them made history, becoming the symbol of the hot East. Opium by Yves Saint-Laurent has become a real sensation of his time. Laurent unsuccessfully tried to dissuade from such provocative name perfume, warning of the possible occurrence of the problems associated with "drug" associations. Notoriety flavor served as a good additional advertising - from the first batch of new stores spirits disappeared for a few days. An unusual combination of orange blossom, vanilla, amber and musk and sensual spawned spicy fragrance's crazy millions of buyers around the world. The heady scent of Opium and today gives its owner a special charm.

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