Little things - the main killer style

Little things - the main killer style
 Every woman who wants to become a truly fashionable and stylish, we must first learn to finesse. According to stylists, image refinement is mainly determined by minor details. Various little things can add an image as well as in an instant to turn a "real woman" in the "simpleton".


Even the most fashionable jewelry does not guarantee excellent appearance, if you forget about the basic laws of style. It is unacceptable to wear both gold and silver jewelry. In addition, you can not combine different style jewelry. Since jewelry is allowed to wear a wedding ring, but in this case it is not desirable in addition to wear other rings. Ornaments from one set is better to put in an amount of not more than two things: if you, for example, put a ring and earrings, a necklace of this set would be superfluous.


Creation of fashionable and stylish image can not be without the light flavor of expensive perfume. However, the main emphasis is made on the word "easy". Multimeter plume spirits, perhaps, impress others, but not the way you would like.

Excessive frankness in clothes

Too open demonstration of the merits of your most loudly declare the complete absence of any style. An example of such clothing can cause so loved by many Russian women, but long out of fashion in the rest of the world jeans with very low waist. When you sit or lean in these jeans, showing her underwear, the people around you are only skeptical smile.

Excessively tight clothing

Some women somehow think that wearing one or two sizes smaller helps to give the slender figure. In fact, it's just hurtful stereotype, because too tight clothing further highlights the deficiencies. Really fashionable woman always wears his size.

Condition shoes

The fact that the shoes have to be expensive, it is known to all. However, many women forget that the shoes must also be spotlessly clean and tidy. Therefore, the time to change the taps and always clean shoes before leaving the house.

Above we have listed only the most common stuff that could damage your irresistibility. However, fashionable image may spoil and other details, for example, dirty hair, pantyhose arrow or clothes, stained in wool pet. Therefore, in order to be always fashionable and stylish, think over every detail of your appearance.

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