Leather is back in fashion

Leather is back in fashion
 Interest in garments made of genuine leather has always been ambivalent. On the one hand, incredibly beautiful and sexy, and on the other - there is a tinge of vulgarity. But lately, leather clothing has become a sign of good taste.
 Today, of the skin (and artificial including) sew pants, jeans, jackets, sweaters and even underwear, not to mention the traditional coats and jackets. Any item of clothing from the skin will in your wardrobe element brightness and style.

Leather pants are appropriate not only for bikers party, but also organically fit into the office style, if you supplement them with a classic jacket, pumps classic shapes and colors. You are guaranteed a completely feminine, even a little low-key image, without a hint of aggression.

To mute the "audacity" of the skin, designers are advised to combine it with other materials. Often quite unexpected. For example, with silk, batiste, chiffon, fine wool or cashmere.

Skin today are not only the traditional colors - brown, black - but also challenging and unusual. For example, a bright red leather jacket, a skirt made of gilded leather trousers green become real "flavor" to your wardrobe, show your non-trivial approach to creating casual-images. Images, complemented by leather look unusual, but very rich.

What to say about everyday clothes when designers dare to aim a blow at the most sacred, almost literally. There were wedding gowns, complemented by leather inserts. These dresses look unreal defiant and luxurious. The contrast of soft silk and thick leather is amazing and creates a delightful visual image.

Styles of leather trousers are striking diversity. Winter excellent option will be cut free products. For the publication of your choice on straight cut trousers, ankle-length. In combination with high heels or platform they will give a stunning effect.

Clothes made of this material needs special care. Now any leather coated with a special protective film, so do not brush them too often. Only to the extent of contamination and very carefully.

Do not use different solvents (benzene, acetone) to remove stains from the surface of the skin. Only use specialized tools. And at first try it somewhere in an inconspicuous place - from the inside. Once the rain, dry coat or jacket on the shoulders away from the heat source.

Stroking the leather thing is allowed only from the inside by the temperature regime "wool" on the iron. And certainly through cheesecloth or a thin cotton cloth.

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