How to wear stockings

How to wear stockings
 Probably the most sexy female toilet accessory - it's stockings, but only if they choose and wear. Follow the advice of stylists and stockings will make you truly charming, you will feel very feminine and elegant among all the participants.
 The first rule of wearing stockings - it's convenience and comfort. Selecting them, you should be guided strictly by its size. If they are a bit small, it will cause discomfort, inconvenience deliver. Stockings larger than required, start sliding. You have to constantly keep an eye on them and correct, and if they will fall at a time when you will not be able to pull them, there was an awkward situation.

Stockings - it's kind of underwear. Etiquette is necessary to lace elastic peeking out from under the edge of clothes, no matter how tempting the idea may seem to you to the contrary. Garter especially should remain hidden from prying eyes. It is for this reason that you can not wear stockings with a very short skirt or dress too narrow, because under such a garment they will be visible.

Remember that if your stockings are visible to others, it is a manifestation of vulgarity, not a demonstration of style or elegance.

The most suitable clothes, the best combination with stockings - a skirt or dress. Shoes with heels accentuate your femininity, adding to the image of the necessary finishing touches.

Important: if you wear sandals or other open shoes, the heel and toe stockings should not be sealed. Generally, it is recommended to use with sandals transparent model.

Shoes and dress colors should be combined with stockings. Selects the darker clothes and shoes so to match the color of stockings, but they were darker. Black stockings in combination with white or light-colored shoes too - not too good choice. According to the rules of wearing this interesting article of clothing, stockings should always be lighter and shoes, and the bottom of the garment, ie skirts.

If selected for overweight stockings legs, a good option may be laced model mesh. The geometry of the binding should not be too intricate. Simple pattern, not large, but not small, will be the best solution.

Stockings - is a special piece of clothing. Mainly because you feel them quite differently. Therefore, they should not have any holes or tightening. Please buy only quality products, despite the fact that their value may seem small at all. Good expensive products will serve you for a long time and will not fail at the most inopportune torque.

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