How to wear a corset

How to wear a corset
 Some modern girls look with envy historical, where the ladies flaunt in corsets, showing a narrow waist and chest high. Ironically, today corsets are back in fashion. With this wardrobe items you can model your figure: to tighten the abdomen, make the waist slimmer and chest - above and lush.
 So, you have purchased a corset. But this is only half the battle. To start, you should learn how to wear it and wear elegant. First of all, remember that the new corset - it's like new narrow pumps. It will first carry, get used to it. Each model has a rigid frame, so the corset did not immediately sit on your figure. First, he must "get used" to it.

Do not seek to maximize immediately pull the corset. To tighten the laces need to gradually accustoming frame corset to the figure. The more and you do not immediately feel comfortable in it. Otherwise, suffer or corset or you.

Each corset has a zipper, which can very easily break, and it does not depend on the quality of things. Therefore, always fasten it unzips and only fully exhaling all the air out of the lungs. Since the volume of your chest reduced and it will be easier to remove the corset without tragic consequences for his zipper.

So what are the basic tips for "putting on" a corset?

First of all, remember that the movement will be constrained in a corset and possibly embarrassing. Therefore please wear socks and shoes. Check in advance lacing. It should not be confused. Ribbon lacing always comes from the inside out and not otherwise.

Another important aspect is the posture - it should be perfect. Only in this case the corset sit on the figure, as it should.

This article of clothing worn on their own much easier by putting it on the edge of the bed. You laid on the corset top, holding his hands, get up, and then fastens. After that the corset is ready to delays. But before that, make sure that never left folds.

The main problem: how to tighten the corset evenly. One of the ways to do it yourself, it is very simple. The ends of the lacing can catch on to something stationary (eg door handle), and slowly backing away, hands to control the uniformity of tension. After the tension was optimal, remove the ends of the laces and tie.

The proposed method is entirely optional. However, women who are just starting to wear a corset, it will be more convenient. Those who are already accustomed to it, can wear it and standing. In this case, be very careful and gradually tighten the corset lacing, so as not to damage it.

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