How to tie a tie a simple knot

How to tie a tie a simple knot
 Tie - as an element of the business, and "street" style clothing. It all depends on the color of fabric, and a method of tying. One of the most popular sites - quadruple or simple.
 Hang the tie around your neck so that the wrong side he touched you. The wide end must be placed at the same time on the left and hang below the narrow side for about fifteen centimeters. This is caused by the need to produce tying knot it with the help of the widest part. The narrow part will serve to adjust the fit of the tie to the neck. If the first time you have not guessed from the length, untie the tie and try again.

Place the ends of the tie so that turned out to be a top edge. Gently to the left, at the same time having got a narrow part of the right. You should get a kind of cross,

Now obveyte widest part of the tie around the narrow and pull the wide end to the right. The narrow part will be in a kind of loop.

Start again the wide part of the tie over the narrow, do not tighten the turns, let them fall freely and easily. Thus get another revolution around the narrow part of the tie.

Pull the wide part of the tie through the loop around your neck so that the wrong side facing out and the face to you. Loosen the turns, if the loop was too narrow.

Now the wide part of the tie must again entwine around the narrow part and threaded through the outer loop, which is formed by the turns of the past. The length of the widest part of the accessory with the narrow closes. If it did not, untie the tie and adjust the length of the broad and narrow ends.

Gently tighten the knot of his tie, giving it the desired shape, straighten the upper part of the broad accessory. A narrow part of a special thread in the loop located on the wrong side of the widest part of the tie is optional hide it from prying eyes. Practice tying a knot. The more experience, the more accurate will be the node.

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