How to tie a corset

How to tie a corset
 Corset (from the French corps - «body») - item of clothing, mostly female, designed to visually reduce waist and give the bearer of harmony. Has long been considered part of the underwear, but now also used as a daily or occasional clothes.
 Modern corsets are made of non-elastic fabric and plastic edges (vertical inserts providing hardness). In a corset to the XIX century. inclusive role played inserts metal edges and whalebone. Design gets heavy, awkward, overly rigid and non-physiological. If wear historical corset have to get used a few weeks, then the modern corset ceases to cause discomfort in an hour or two.

The positive effect of wearing a corset is not only visually reduce the volume - thanks to strong support, back straightened, chest revealed. In other words, the reduced load on the spine and lungs are ventilated better and more oxygen is obtained.

Along with the reconstruction of corsets of different eras and designers strive to bring new ideas. Therefore, from the options ties select the one that fits your model corset.

Place the halves of the corset at a distance of 10-15 cm loops to each other. Plug the power cord in tone corset or a contrasting color to the upper loop. Make sure that the ends of the cord are the same length.

Thread the cord through the loops crosswise, until you get to the middle of the waist. At this point, insert the ends of the cord parallel to each other (in the same loop at half). Then continue to criss-cross lacing.

When he reached the bottom loops, tie a bow. Make it symmetrical and smooth. If you fail on your first attempt, untie and try again.

Attach a corset to the body. Utena first cord from the chest to the waist (in the middle), and then from the hips to the waist. Tie a loop bow.

For the second option, use the two cords. Place the halves is similar to the first embodiment and the first cord loop pass from the upper to the middle of the waist. The second cord insert loop from the bottom to the waist.

Attach a corset to the body, Utena first top (to the waist), and then the bottom. In the middle of the four tie the cord into a beautiful bow.

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