How to choose the right bra

How to choose the right bra
 Right bra must meet three criteria: easy to use, the right size, emphasizing the dignity of a woman's breasts. Otherwise, wearing a bra can cause breast deformities and health problems.

For most women, comfortable bra is the one that has wide straps. Partly justified by the convenience of this option, chest clearly laid out so wide straps for everyday wear is acceptable. Exceptions are ladies with very sensitive skin of the breast. They did not recommend any straps or bones, but these tend to be the minority.

Completeness chest - the main factor of choice. For obese women, owners ample bosom recommended to choose a bra with bones, important not to err in size, while the convenience and comfort will be your constant companions.

Underwire bra lifts the breasts, clearly fixes it gives a beautiful shape. For obese women that option - just a godsend, as well as for women with breast weakened. A tight corset for the type of women is also desirable, will not sag folds of skin from the back, which is important.

Skinny women whose breasts often small size is recommended to look at the cross-shaped cup with a seam in the form of the letter T. This bust is raised, therefore, visually breast size increased.

Now it is very fashionable model push-up. And rightly called such bras sales leader, they are comfortable to wear, do not give the breast to sag, lifting her. Often have foam inserts.

A very important point when choosing underwear - material. Recommended for everyday wear look to models from 100% cotton, as the skin needs to breathe. For evening, you may notice the lace pattern. It is desirable that the corset was still very strong and elastic. Model "Angelica" are not suitable for full ladies and miniature, on the contrary, perfectly fit.

Any model must be carefully try before you buy to make sure it fits you. Because the individual characteristics of each woman can not be taken into account by all manufacturers.

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