How to choose a Swiss watch

How to choose a Swiss watch
 Swiss watches earned considered the best and most prestigious in the world. In order to make such a beautiful and useful gift, you must know some of the subtleties in the selection of expensive accessories.
 To choose the right Swiss watch as a present or just as a purchase for yourself, you should understand exactly the style of the person who designed this thing. For example, older people who prefer to tie the suit, the most suitable classic watch with a leather strap.

People who prefer sports style in clothes and life, give preference likely chronograph bracelet. Beautiful ladies, of course, like the gold watch with diamonds. Depending on the age and social status of a person must choose appropriate models of watches.

According to Swiss law, these Swiss watches can be called only by those in the manufacturing process which is observed three mandatory requirements.

The first requirement suggests that the mechanism of the clock must be exactly the Swiss. This means that it should contain more than 50 percent of the parts and assemblies that are manufactured in Switzerland and going to the same place. The second rule is to assemble hours, which must be in the same country. In accordance with a third rule, quality control clock must also be made in Switzerland. And in this case, on different parts of the clock dial and must be the famous inscription "Made in Switzerland» (Swiss Made) or simply Swiss.

The clock, made outside the country may be the inscription Swiss Quartz, Swiss Movement or Swiss Mov't. If the accessory is a Swiss movement, Swiss or have been used in their manufacture assembly, indicated inscription Swiss Parts. Geneva is a special word of acknowledgment of the highest quality products.

If you want your gift to the person was pleasant, and it will not be wrinkled his brow at the sight of them, you should choose a popular and time-tested brand of Swiss watches. For more information on the correct selection of hours you can get to watch the company store. When you buy should check boxes and passport. An additional guarantee will be the presence of watches that you selected in the catalog or in the representation of the company in Russia.

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