How to choose a frame for glasses

How to choose a frame for glasses
 People have different perceptions of their existing defect of vision. Someone decided on surgery to correct the fault, other daily wear contact lenses, trying to hide his myopia, while others last a lifetime wearing glasses, treating them as a necessary evil. Especially do not like glasses girl, believing that they spoil them, and not even knowing that a well-chosen frame can bring the image of individuality and sophistication.
 What should be the ideal frame? Practical - one, a beautiful - two suitable - three. The latter should talk more.

Frame, as well as any other accessory, is required to emphasize the dignity of the person and to hide his shortcomings. For different types of face fit different shapes of frames. The most important rule here: the frame is strictly forbidden to follow the shape of the wearer's face. That is, literally on the circular face unacceptable circular rim on a square - a square, and so on.

Square face

Holders of such a suit oval rim glasses with rounded, slightly wider than the person himself. Perfect frame in the form of a cat's eye.

Round face

The task of the rim for chubby ladies - an elongated oval. With her cope with external accessory sharp corners or rectangular thin rim with wide arches.

Triangular face

Here, the goal - to reduce the massive upper part of the face. It will turn out at the rim with thin rims or without rims. Their form has to be graceful and rounded.

Long face

Long long face visually adjust the frame with large heavy rims and smooth contours. If it will have a large decorative items, they distract attention from the irregular shape of the face.

Oval face

Owners of a perfect oval lucky. They are available frames of all shapes and colors.

Choosing an accessory, we should also focus on your tsvetotip. Thus, the "summer" girls are extremely warm shades of golden frames. "Women winter" better to give preference points in the frame cool colors.

And, of course, should take into account your age when choosing an accessory. Fresh young skin allows you to use a lot of color options and decoration frames. At the same time dry fading skin of older people will look even more lifeless in the vicinity of the rim dull silver shades.

Many people are very shy to wear glasses, considering them something uncomfortable, unaesthetic. But if they choose the right frame as a negative opinion is changing dramatically. Because the points may well become the most important attribute of stylish and fashionable image.

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