How to choose a bag to shoes

How to choose a bag to shoes
 One of the easiest ways to complete the image is a good choice of bags. This enhancement is important, particularly when it is combined with the right shoe. But to date, fashion has become so democratic that does not necessarily have to bag and shoes exactly match the style, material and color.
 To make the right choice, you must know what the one or the other bag.

Leather upholstered model can be used as a universal everyday bag. Moreover, it is perfectly suitable for any shoe.

Bag with a long handle, or as it is called "postman's bag," presupposes the existence of a flat soles for shoes.

Clutch Handbags is perfect for an elegant holiday shoes, such as sandals or stilettos.

Bags with various chains, rings, pockets fit expensive, but restrained shoes.

Sport or travel bag with the perfect combination of sports shoes: sneakers, loafers, and coarse boots.

Bag handbag, despite its retro style is very popular nowadays. Oddly enough, it will suit trendy shoes.

But the unusual shape of the bag or colorful prints to be worn with self-colored shoes.

If recently the only viable option was a combination of bags and shoes, absolutely identical in style and texture, but today stylists say that they can be completely different.

But if you stick to the classical style in the selection of footwear, apparel and accessories, keep in mind that even this style involves the use of imagination. For example, patent shoes and it is lacquered handbag will look boring, but the shoes or boots of the same material and suede bag (or vice versa) will look very stylish.

If the bag is decorated with floral patterns, using identical motifs in the shoes not too justified, much better, such a model would look like with a monochromatic shoes.

Try also combine matte and shiny materials, such as leather shoes and a bag of gold or bronze tint.

Despite this democracy, there are still certain restrictions. In no case can not wear athletic shoes with the reticule, strict rectangular bags - with sandals.

Follow these simple rules and your image will always be perfect.

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