How do I know the size of a bra

How do I know the size of a bra
 The correct choice of bra size and model depends not only a good fit dress on a figure, but also feel a woman. The product size is not properly sized compresses the chest and does not compress the breast. In addition, for pregnant and nursing women should choose a special model, which provides for an increase in the volume of the breast.
 In order to find out the size of this important product for every woman enough to have a normal centimeter tailor's measuring tape. It is better to ask someone from the loved ones or sales assistant specialized shop help to measure - but in this case all the measurements will be taken correctly.

To determine the size of bra you need to perform two measurements - chest circumference under the breasts. In this case, the measuring tape should be equally fit snugly to the body and placed at the same height. To measure should be in the moment of maximum inspiration - in this case will be taken into account the increase in the chest when breathing, and every breath will not bring suffering from crashing bra. The result of a measurement is to be rounded up or down to the numbers divisible by 5 (downwards if desired dense customized fit in a great - if you want to wear a loose-fitting clothing).

The second dimension - the definition of the actual circumference of the chest. In this case, the measuring tape should be placed directly on the most salient point of the mammary glands, and the measurement is carried out on the exhale.

The difference between the first and second measurements show completeness of the cup, from 11 to 13 cm (A), from 13 to 15 cm, (B) from 15 to 17 cm (C) 17 - 19 cm (D).

An indication that the bra size is chosen correctly, the product is suitable and is a snug fit of the entire product to the body - especially the front, in the inset between the cups. Quality product certainly has an adjustable height shoulder straps, so women of different heights can easily adjust the bra in the figure after fitting.

It should be remembered another defining characteristic size bra - with a significant decrease in body weight chest circumference decreases faster, respectively completeness chest, performance measurement determines the difference becomes larger, so the size of A to B can be increased, and a woman, who wore a diet product to the completeness cups C, you may need to purchase a bra with cups completeness D.

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