Handbags clutch - a beautiful accessory to your outfit

Handbags clutch - a beautiful accessory to your outfit
 The best accessory for girls are their bags. Lately, every fashionista can choose for themselves the bag to your liking. Indeed, a variety of bags now enormous, ranging from small bags - clutches, to large, bulky bags.  

Vanity Case by Cartier was the first handbag-tube, it is the Duke of Westminster gave Coco Chanel. Vanity Case can be considered a progenitor of the current clutch.
After World War II, Christian Dior has revived the clutch in life. As well as the little black dress, clutch became a popular favorite. Christian Dior made clutch classics thin waist, full skirt and a small handbag - this is his unique New Look. Currently clutch again gained immense popularity. Clutches immense diversity, was originally clutch accessory for an evening wardrobe and was used more as a purse, but progress does not stand still, and now clutches become an everyday part of clothing. In recent years, many famous fashion house released a collection where clutches were large, they can be easily put a magazine or book.
Clutch - universal, compact bag - envelope, intended only for a small number of things: lipstick, mirror, keys, bank cards. Most often, clutch bags are rectangular in shape and do not have handles, wear them, clasping his hand or under the arm. So that no clutch strap handles audio, it differs from ordinary bags. The material from which made the clutch may be different, there are no restrictions for designers. This can be a snakeskin or even transparent plastic. Decorations for clutch also varied, original, unusual, full flight of fancy for designers, so you can always find a something for everyone.
Going to the restaurant, theater or just a walk should be brought sumkochku, but take great everyday bag uncomfortable and not always beautiful. This is where you will clutch.

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