Elite men's perfumes. What's this?

Elite men's perfumes. What's this?
 Fragrance - is not just expensive perfume or cologne. This is - a special invisible underwear that can not be seen but can be felt its flavor. The use of expensive perfume always been considered a sign of good taste and prestige.

Today perfumes - a huge number of odors that can give the image of human originality and sophistication. Women's Fragrances emphasizes femininity and sexuality, and the men said the strength of character and confidence. Properly selected scent able to raise self-esteem and improve your mood.

Interesting, but a hundred years ago much of a difference between male and female odors did not exist. And the first elite spirits were produced specifically for men - were very fond of perfumes George the Second, King of Spain and Napoleon.

Today in the perfume market has a huge number of men's fragrances. Men confidently master the science of smells, skillfully using this fragrant weapon.

Undoubtedly, the difference between men's and women's fragrances exist. Fragrances for women are not as strong and sharp as men. But the main thing is that for the manufacture of the elite men's fragrances are used completely different ingredients. Women's perfume often has a floral or fruity odor. Men's Fragrances - a wooden shades, emphasizing the character traits such as strength, calmness, consistency.

For the manufacture of high-end men's fragrance necessarily used amber and musk. If the men's fragrance contains floral shades, this sage or lavender, with which an effect of light tobacco notes. Men's fragrance sounds stronger and brighter than the female, it does not change when applied to various parts of the body.

Quality ingredients and unique recipes for - is the foundation of the elite men's fragrance. But no less important stylish bottles and packaging. As for color, it is all the shades of gray, green and blue. Look beautiful classic black and white bottles. Unlike the female version, male perfume bottles have strict geometric shapes, although there are exceptions.

Attempts to forge elite men's perfumes are fairly common, but to achieve stability and refinement of flavor underground manufacturers can not. The same applies to bottles - only branded perfumes has a neat cellophane packaging and unique system-spray. On the bottom of the bottle brand is always a convex letters - the name of the manufacturer. Names such as Hugo Boss, Kenzo, Dior always be a sign of style and quality.

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